Romania Scouting Tour - September 13 - 17, 2021

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Romania Scouting Tour

Offroad adventure in Transylvania

Period: September 13-17, 2021

It is a tour of the performance category “Adventure”.

We will have the following division in terms of time.

~ 70% off-road

~ 30% on-road

For motivated riders with off-road experience and safe vehicle control on the road.

Do you want a real adventure? Not a soft-washed touristic-tour? Ride until the doctor comes? Then this tour is made for you !!


The Scouting Tour is the final check of the routes that have already been scouted.

It can therefore happen that, despite pre-scouting, we have to change parts of the routes or turn around due to impassability and find alternatives.

The daily routes are therefore usually around 10-30% longer than the later tour.

We are going to take tracks in Transylvania near Sibiu under the wheels. Known from the RedBull Maniacs Event. We will also be challenged in terms of riding, but not as much as at this legendary event!

We ride through the beautiful mountain landscapes, dense forests and sleepy villages

We have chosen the routes designed as circular tours in order to keep the logistics effort within limits and the riding pleasure high.

We use the entire range of riding options available on site. On-road and off-road. Small, winding villages, winding mountain roads, curve radii that can be comfortably ridden quickly on the plain, wide gravel roads, single trails, smaller climbs on gravel, rock or asphalt. A colorful mix awaits you, but it also demands a lot physically.

Navigation is not required, but if you want to keep the option to yourself, you may need to. To end a tour earlier the day, you should have a navigation device with you that can display and process off-road tracks.

The Romania Scouting Tour is a great opportunity to push your driving limits even higher.

The routes consist of almost every imaginable surface. Of stones, mud, dust, waterways, forest, grass and asphalt. The latter in various qualities.

We therefore recommend coarse knobby tires.

Planned daily stages: between approx. 150km - 250km

A lot will be demanded of us on 5 days of riding.

Especially if you are participating with a big enduro. However, this is definitely possible for experienced drivers.

Overnight stays: in locally available accommodation

More details will follow soon

A maximum of 6 participants are available.