Krios Pro Helmet ECE XL, Mekka Kinetik Blue

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KLiM Krios Pro Mekka Carbon Motocross Helmet

Carved from the Krios ECE chassis, the Krios Pro is the first ADV-specific helmet in North America to integrate Koroyd® materials and construction. The Krios Pro helmet elevates standards in comfort, performance and airflow while leaving traditional compromises behind. The ultimate ADV experience is made possible by high performance Karbon™ Fiber construction, four-ride-mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort.


  • full carbon fiber hand laid shell
  • optimized shell resin distrubtion for weight reduction
  • Koroyd® energy absorbing materials/construction
  • Koroyd® structures crush homogenously for better impact absorption
  • fully adjustable chin/forehead vents
  • Pinlock-ready® anti-scratch polycarbonate shield
  • transitions® photochromic lens
  • four ride modes: street, adventure, dirt, trail
  • goggles compatible with face shield removed
  • refined aerodynamics, vents, liner system for quieter ride
  • visor and spoiler designed for aerodynamic stability
  • Klimatek™ antimicrobial/moisutre-wicking liner
  • Sena 10U compatible
  • Quick-release, no-tool shield and visor
  • tested and revised by real-world adventure riders


  • ECE 22.05
  • DOT
  • Fid-lock® strap closure system
  • Carbon shell


  • 1 x Klim Krios Pro Mekka Carbon Motocross Helmet
  • 1 x Visor (smoke)
  • 1 x Pinlock lens