Croatia Hard Adventure Tour I - 26.7.-1.8.2020

750.00 €

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Croatia Hard Adventure Tour 2021

A tour for real adventurers!



June 7-11, 2021

It is a tour of the performance category “HARD Adventure”.

~ 40% asphalt

~ 20% dirt roads

~ 30% off-road tracks

For very experienced off-roaders


We drive through extremely beautiful landscapes and through challenging terrain. A maximum of 12 participant places in 2 riding groups are available, since a smooth riding under the requirements is otherwise not or hardly possible.

Therefore, the day tours are designed as loops. We always come back to the starting point in the evening.

Navigation is not required, but if you want to keep the option to yourself, it may be. To end a tour earlier the day, you should have a navigation device that can display and process off-road tracks.

The Croatia Hard Adventure Tour 2021 is a great opportunity to push your riding limits even higher.

On 5 days of riding, the participants are also physically challenged. A very good training for other off-road events and of course a very intensive and pleasant vacation time.

The routes are suitable for experienced off-road riders on big enduro bikes (Triumph Tiger, BMW GS, Honda AfricaTwin, etc.) and consist of almost every imaginable surface. Of stones, mud, dust, water passages, forest, grass, valleys, etc. It will go from sea level up to the mountains.

That is also the reason for the categorization as "Hard Adventure", because it can get down to business. That does not mean that we will be on the "HairScramble level" all day, but there could be individual passages that demand this. Therefore, the participants should be able to control their vehicle safely even in difficult terrain.

We will primarily riding throug the beautiful central part of Croatia. The Dinara Mountains will be a destination as well as parts of the Velebit Nature Park. We will also pass the wonderful places from the Karl May film "Winnetou".

Total length: approx. 1200km

Daily stages: between approx. 150km - 350km

Overnight stays: in locally available accommodation or camping in the destination area near Zadar. Arrival by plane is therefore possible.

Services included:

- prepared and elaborated "clover leaf" tours, with 2 German accompanying persons (2 guides), all well trained in first aid

- we carry extensive first aid material with us

- technical support (we carry tools with us), if necessary instructions and help for off-road driving in stony and mountainous terrain Accommodation brokerage

- previous restaurant check

Our services do not include:

- the individual arrival and departure to / from the target area around Zadar

- overnight stays

- catering

- fuels

- if necessary Vehicle transport

- possible repair costs

- souvenirs

- drinks

- personal insurance

- possibly ferry costs

We recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance and foreign health insurance.

Important papers:

- valid driver's license that entitles you to drive a vehicle in Croatia (important for participants who are resident outside the EU)

- registration papers for the vehicle used if necessary a declaration of consent and permission to use the owner if he is not the driver / participant

- a green insurance card that also includes Croatia

- proof of health insurance (health insurance card)


We always keep the participants up to date with the latest available information on the subject of hygiene and distance rules in the destination country.

If the tour cannot take place at short notice for Covid-19 reasons, the participants will receive a voucher for the value of the payments made up to that point, which they can use at any time for our other tours, events and workshops.

We can help with the subject of vehicle transport. Please just contact us by phone.

Minimum number of participants: 6